Water Fuel Cells Technology Can Help Your Car Running On Water

Water Fuel Cells Technology Might Help Your Vehicle Running On Water

Within the recent time, where oil costs are touching heaven, there's been the requirement for finding more sensible choice to grease to lessen the dependency upon gas and oil whenever possible. It's the indisputable proven fact that the current high oil costs are forcing just about all nations, including oil wealthy nations, to consider to many other substitute like water fuel cells based technology which may be useful to operate cars as well as heavy automobiles on water.

Water fuel cells based concept is invention by American Stanley Meyer, who stated that water can convert the needed component elements to operate the vehicle, hydrogen and oxygen. In 1989, he designed the unit to create hydrogen and oxygen from water using electricity, by method apart from water electrolysis. Meyer, throughout his experiments, he stated he could show how 1.6 liter Volkswagen dune buggy could be operate on water rather than gasoline. Meyer had also shown his skill for any station Action 6 News and demonstrated the estimation that just 22 US gallons (83 liters) water were enough to visit from La to New You are able to.

However, many automobile experts think that Stanley Meyers invention wasn't water fuel cells in true sense but it might be more correct to title it as being "electrolytic cell"

In U.S., the idea of water fuel cells is obtaining great momentum, as individuals are wanting to learn more about this. The idea may be the combination of gasoline and water to create enough moving fuel to operate the vehicle on water. If the concept is broadly used and auto producers start creating water fuel cells technology based automobiles, vast amounts of dollars might be saved, the valuable oil as natural assets might be saved to be used of numerous 100s of years later on and we'll reside in more cleaner and more healthy atmosphere.

The current tests water fuel cells have proven very encouraging results. This technique is fully reversible and doesn't damage the vehicle anyway.

Check out at water fuel cells to understand much more about this new idea to operate vehicle on water.

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