Cube U30GT Pea got a truly complete technology supports with the powerful reliability

Analysis on Antutu Although the hardware test doesn't have greatly relationship with consumer experience, however for a completely new cpu, examination towards the unit could be fairly needed. This is actually the Antutu examine of Cube U30GT Pea.

The effect can result in 7598 which particularly is actually greater compared to types which switches into the Samsung 4210 cpu. The specific feature will probably be underneath the Asus TF201 that is certainly the Quad-Core unit. The truly amazing rank is going to be associated with the high frequency from the product.

GPU test Similar to the AML8726-MX, the GPU from the Cube U30GT Pea may be the Mali-400. What is undoubtedly the helps make the varying is the fact that AMLogic is certainly dual core when Cube U30GT Pea is unquestionably quad core. How often of RO3066 is 266MHz although AML8726's could be 400MHz. Nonetheless resolutions of quad-core Cube U30GT Pea are usually substantially greater than another ones.

Site loading as well as rendering, movie play

Cube U30GT Pea includes a pre-installed Adobe Expensive Player 11.1 which most likely assures the expensive is generally proven on ordinarily inside your gadget with no further revise of setup. The products which has the Adobe Expensive might be a lot quick on website loading and rendering. The process on the internet is unquestionably sensitive and fast. The Graphics processing unit acceleration works rapidly towards the pc tablet.

Cube U30GT Pea also stands up UA option. The conventional is certainly Android operating-system Expensive mode which may be modified to iPad (HTML5).

The videos rendering around the Cube U30GT Pea is extremely helpful for our prime definition videos. You will see rarely trapped around the pc tablet while playing the flicks.

three dimensional games effects The GPU of ARM Mali-400 consists of an excellent performance in three dimensional graphic and three dimensional games processing.

In the test of MMOgame, Cube U30GT Pea constitutes a striking functionality in compatible the item. Additionally these kinds of game titles, Cube U30GT Pea is capable of doing holding a lot more game titles. In the evaluation we'll realize that there's no factor between your RK3066 and AML8726-MX. And also the Cube U30GT Pea has the Google service module which allows clients take part in the games which always require market authenticate. What'more, 1280*800 solutions really do not change up the games, the huge most of games assistance instantly resolutions adjustment.

Movie decoding Even when the Allwinner A10 designed an very decoding capacity of 2160P, 1080P is a lot more reasonable within the daily use. Rockchip RK3066 doesn't get an excessive amount of modification. Nevertheless it supports three dimensional video, High-definition multimedia interface and double-display output.

There's no difference which is between the interface of dual-core and interface of single core. The recording clip tags, lighting correction as well as Scaling happen to be on single core. Multi-audio-tracks is frequently moved within the Cube U30GT Pea. Furthermore, the three dimensional function could be acquired around the product, clients are needed to because of the three dimensional glass and select the three dimensional choice to benefit from the three dimensional videos.

Cube U30GT Pea are designed for full interface Hd multimedia interface output and double screen output that really help the tablet pc take part in the videos through the output processing. The output effects that are really as much as 1080P@60Hz are actually elegant. The scaling within the tablet will not change up the experience TV. Generally, the compatibility around the Cube U30GT Pea could be superb enough to get together using the shoppers' desire.

Being compatible

PDF rendering The PDF documents are often made extremely fast around the Cube U30GT Pea. Many of the files can load in two to three seconds having a very smooth turn-over and scaling. Associated with the ten.1 " size the unit, it may be this kind of incredible PDF readers.

Compatibility The compatibility from the RK2918 resolution on Android 4. pills is generally. After been up-to-date to Cortex A9, the compatibility still stays exactly the same level as RK2918. The up grade on performance helps to make the install, rendering and operating simpler and steadier.

Several programs have named version for options. And a lot of the applications also support HD version that provides a quite beautiful use encounters. Throughout the exam throughout nowadays, Irrrve never fought against any incompatible applications for that tablet pc.

Conclusion Because the initial dual core unit of Rockchip RK3066, Cube U30GT Pea received a really complete technology supports. The effective trustworthiness of dual-core CPU and quad-core GPU happen to be demonstrated effectively with the make sure trial. The graceful level seems to possess been advanced clearly in comparison to RK2918. Wonderful display, great testing score, quick web site rendering and great compatibility from the games left us a wonderful impression. However the weak spot ought to be there's little enhancement of video decoding, furthermore, poor people compatibility of Window 7 product is likely to enhance in certain unspecified time later on. Ultimately, Cube U30GT Pea could be referred to because the represent kind of dual-core tablet pc and also the optimize work may be supported within the future which indicates Cube U30GT Pea still acquires an area to enhance. Using the enhancement, I believe the product could possibly get more attention available on the market.

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