The Applications Of Bar Code Technology In Fine Chemical Industry

Fine chemical industry, fundamental industry of national economy, has established a comparatively complete industrial system of proper chemicals, including surfactants, cosmetics, photo taking materials, offers, dyes, optical brighteners, organic pigments, scents and pesticide sprays.

Fine chemical is really a procedure for industry, mainly with the mixing of recycleables, separation, crushing, heating along with other physical or chemical techniques, to ensure that raw material value. Through many years of it experience, I've summarized the 3 special fine chemical industry: batch traceability, weight loss, private formula, the fine chemical industry, three major management problems, is around the ERP, enterprise information system cannot completely solve the issue, but since the great deal of information collected, artisanal and knowledge input delay errors, resulting in the ERP product is not timely and accurate information, the outcome of enterprise management and decision-making.

An excellent chemical plant work processes, split into recycleables receiving, inspection, shelves, change library, manufacture of lead materials, elements, packaging and handle items from storage, etc., since the fine chemical industry, recycleables, semi-finished the majority of the fluid features, same goes with engage in most aspects towards the material weighing, weighing a lot of data collection and input in to the computer, tiresome and error-prone fine chemical industries need a greater quality retrospective, Copper Chromite(CC) recycleables batch information in every area of the collection, including FIFO control, can also be troubled with a problem management.

Formula may be the existence of proper chemical industry. Many chemical plants, only have the formula at the disposal of core staff, from raw material receiving area of the alternative packaging to hide the title of raw material and supplier information, just the code marked connect to a recipe within the elements split up into several, through the different groups for that preparation, after which synthesis. Due to lead materials, elements are susceptible to the code, formula and want to separate synthesis, a greater plant management needs, elements ought to be part quantity of the check, weight check, batch records, employees have to operate high feeling of responsibility, careless.

Using barcode technology fine chemical industry, batch traceability, weighing management, recipe management problems could be solved three private.

Lot traceability of recycleables is always to establish batch barcode labels in every area of the change in materials collected by checking plenty of information, to batch traceability reasons. Barcode labels can require providers towards the needed format printing paste after delivery (This can be for receiving data acquisition equipment, while enhancing the efficiency of receipt of recycleables) may also be printed within the receiving part that belongs to them paste later on inspection, shelves, change library, receive materials, elements along with other logistics chain, we have to use batch capture device information collection, Triphenyl Bismuth and related documents into the computer-produced, to guarantee the precision of batch information records, therefore making certain the batch information of continuity. Furthermore, by collecting materials FIFO device can monitor the operation, and see if the shelf existence beyond, effectively raising the caliber of warehouse procedures.

Central warehouse using cargo management (also using barcode symbols), each material batch barcode labels around the barrels workshop warehouse unified barrel, each barrel using the material barcode labels, batch picking information collected with the scan , moved within the system, to guarantee the continuation of batch traceability. Products are actually electronic scales with serial RS232 output function, you are able to output the weighing data to some computer along with other processing equipment. Leader in producing materials, elements, weighing the necessity to link, while using computer instantly read weight data recorded straight to the appropriate documents, not just enhance the work efficiency, and steer clear of manual intervention data to make sure accurate and reliable weighing data to enhance management level. Elements link is abandoned f1 hands, using electronic formula, it may effectively avoid the leakage formula.

Operating plant formula set by senior management to separate, delivered to the different elements station, operator selection f1, the batching procedures, each step (with any material, using the number, process needs, etc.) is shown by the pc, Musk R-1 dosing tank prior to the barcode checking, to verify the right materials, while passing batch information weighing computer instantly recorded data, to compare, inside the scope permitted through the error all elements barrels have barcode number, and lastly the machine instructions synthetic. In by doing this, through the use of human resources and barcode combination, management practices could be effectively implemented, the operator step-by-step, we are able to guarantee quantity and quality of labor.

With the introduction of it industry, fine chemical market is the common adoption of enterprise ERP human resources, to enhance their management level, if coupled with barcode technology, will greatly enhance the potency of human resources and real-time, enable businesses to handle a greater level!

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