beijing auto show 4 of the eleventh largest green technology - venetian glass mirrors

beijing auto show 4 from the eleventh biggest eco-friendly technology - venetian glass mirrors

Cause for concern: the way forward for the best environment protection program. Content from the Department: planet fuel cell automobiles to hydrogen fuel to create electricity FCXClarity bring customers, only emission is water, both a prolonged mileage, fuel filling a short while along with other advantages, the best eco-friendly vehicle for the future.

Honda 90's in the 20th century started the introduction of fuel cell system, in this region always walk within the forefront of the profession. The most recent results FCXClarity have excellent driving performance and space layout, to supply unparalleled driving pleasure. FCXClarity continues to be leasing within the U.S. and Japan sales, and in the this past year driving Europe road

New Ford EcoBoost energy technology

Status: 20% could be fuel-efficient, will carry Mondeo. Meaning between: The Motor Show, Ford displays its section of atmosphere protection and trump card?? EcoBoost new energy technology. This season, Ford will EcoBoost new energy technology to China, transporting a particular model EcoBoost engine is going to be revealed in the Beijing Worldwide Auto Show. EcoBoost energy technology combines new fuel injection and turbocharger technology, making fuel-efficient small-displacement engine, as the traditional large displacement engines to offer the output energy simultaneously to optimize gas mileage up to 20% and 15% lower co2 pollutants. Ford has released an international EcoBoost engine products, such as the V6 engine with V8 energy and gratifaction equal to the brand new I-4 V6 engine. Advanced technology of eco-friendly energy is yet another important area of the new Ford PowerShift transmission. Before, only by hand change the transmission to attain customer demands on gas mileage, and today the PowerShift automatic transmission change is straightforward, yet still use of excellent gas mileage. Change, the motive force depresses the clutch pedal is no more needed, because you will find two built-in clutch PowerShift can precisely between your different gear automatic conversion.

Rear wheel drive transmission Modern 8AT

Worried about the main reason: fuel consumption reduced by 2.3%, 2.4% acceleration can improve. Meaning between: The brand new eight-speed automatic transmission being an exclusive growth and development of modern, rear-wheel drive 8-speed automatic transmission in comparison with 6-speed automatic transmission, the fuel consumption decreased 2.3 % acceleration could be upgraded (60 100kph ) 2.4% removed with no exchange of ATF and ATF testing LEVEL meter, you are able to boost the maintenance interval cycle, reduce user upkeep of their costs. Primary technologies: According to 4 new gear exclusive platform made to enhance the NVH from the integrated Situation to lessen the load from the aluminum company, no load drag / accustomed to enhance the performance of multi-point separation plate, to boost a feeling of speed deviation hydraulic control valve, made to improve gas mileage having a low viscosity ATF and twisted thin lock conversion.

Audi four-wheel drive form of e-tron

Worried about the main reason: a brand new arena of energy-driven. Meaning between: The earth's first electric sports vehicle, the Audi four-wheel drive form of e-tron set the earth's leading battery technology, electric drive technology, technology and light-weight aerodynamic bodywork approaches to a can 4.8 within a few moments from to 100 km / h acceleration, maximum accelerate to 200 km / h, the farthest distance traveled as much as 250 km, will enhance the performance of pure electric automobiles to a different level.

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