The Magic Bar from Mobee Technology is a Greener Way to Recharge your Apple Wireless Keyboard and M

The Mobee Miracle Bar, implies that customers don't have to discard batteries of bring your even open your products to alter the batteries. All of the charging happens easily, to some rechargeable energy cell.

Mobee Miracle Bar is really a wireless inductive charger for that Apple wireless keyboard and apple miracle Track pad. This magical solution takes only one minute to create. All that you should do would be to plug the miracle bar into usb port spot on your pc which is prepared to easily charge the Wireless Keyboard or Miracle Mouse.

Furthermore, with Mobee miracle bar you can embark upon lengthy outings without having to worry about losing energy. A complete charge takes six hrs and may last for a number of days, based on your use. In case your trip is longer, the slim Miracle Bar charging station is definitely portable.

The Mobee Miracle Bar for that Apple Wireless Keyboard means you are able to stop tossing batteries away saving cash and our atmosphere.

The Mobee Miracle Bar recharges the Apple Wireless Keyboard easily. You can easily install the special battery power within the Wireless Keyboard also it recharges by sliding in to the Miracle Bar, that is blocked right into a Mac USB port. The Wireless Keyboard can nonetheless be used while charging within the Miracle Bar.

It takes approximately 4 hrs to re-charge from zero along with a full charge may last for 6 days before requiring a recharge. The Mobee Miracle Bar have enough money itself in preserving the cash normally allocated to batteries, in only twelve months of home usage or six several weeks of office usage.

At some point all charging of products might be done easily. Today only Mobee Technology can perform it for that Apple Miracle Mouse, the Apple Wireless Keyboard and also the Apple Miracle Track pad.

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