Sony Blu-ray Disk Technology A Breakthrough In Hd Recording

The modern rapid diffusion of HD broadcasting together with burgeoning amount of digital data has elevated the interest in high capacity optical disk media that provide faster recording speed and bigger capacity. Blu-ray is generation x of hd video format that fits all of the emerging demands from the HD broadcasting. Blu-ray disk format continues to be poised to exchange the DVD disk media.

The new sony is without doubt the mobile phone industry's leading company in recording media, electronic devices and backup storage technologies. Philips and The new sony would be the primary designers from the Packages disc technology, whereas their email list of supporters can also be very extended. Nine electronic devices companies, The new sony, Samsung, Sharp, Hitachi, LG, Thomson, Philips, Pioneer and Matsushita founded Blu-ray association in 2002.

The new sony Blu-ray disk media is made for stable writing, long-term storage and superior archival reliability. The new sony also manufactures high end Blu-ray disc gamers. Effective mixture of The new sony Packages media and disk player invigorate your house theater entertainment with cutting-edge features varying from three dimensional, pristine HD and instant streaming. Very good news would be that the Packages disk gamers may also take part in the Compact disc and Digital video disks. The new sony Packages disks are highly resistant against severe temperature changes and scratches.

Blu-ray technology got its title from blue-purple laser it utilizes for read/write procedures. The Compact disc and DVD disk technologies use red-colored laserlight. The new sony is providing dual and single-layered Packages dvds that are offered in BD-RE (rewritable) and BD-R (recordable or write-once) formats. The new sony dual-layer Packages disc can hold 50 GB data. This really is almost 10 occasions more than a conventional DVD optical disc. A 50 GB Blu-ray disk can record SD (standard definition) video of 23 hrs and 9 hrs of HD video.

The wavelength of red-colored laser combined with Compact disc and DVD technologies are 65-nanometer. The 45 nanometer blue-purple laser allows the Blu-ray disk to accommodate more amount of data inside the same physical disk area. The Packages media disk uses the optical space for storage more effectively, while retaining exactly the same physical size Compact disc and DVD disc. Other market leading Packages disk brands are Imation, Maxell, TDK and Verbatim. The new sony Blu-ray disks as well as their part amounts are:

BNE50RH, The new sony 50 GB Packages re-writable disc

BNR50RH, The new sony 50 GB Blu-ray recordable disk

BNE25RH, The new sony 25 GB Packages re-writable disc

BNR25R3H,The new sony 25 GB Packages recordable disk

The I.T companies supporting the Packages format are Hewlett packard, Sun Microsystems, Dell and Apple computer. Video resolution shipped through the Blu-ray disk technologies are 1920x1080, whereas the DVD videos are only able to manage video resolution as much as 720x480. The recording quality of Packages media provides more depth, colors and it is much sharper compared to DVD recording. Blu-ray far outshines the the DVD recording in seem quality too.

DVD videos provides as much as 5.1 surround channels, whereas the Blu-ray disk features a great 7.1 surround channels. Because the hd DVD is diminishing from sight, the Blu-ray disk technology is just about the leader in the industry in optical disk media. Product and software names pointed out throughout this short article are trademarks and therefore are sole property of the proprietors.

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